How do I get my prize?

When you win, we will contact you within 48 hours (usually straight after the draw). All prizes are delivered free of charge via registered post anywhere in the UK and Ireland. Find out more here.

Where is the draw?

Draws for every prize take place LIVE on Facebook. You can view previous live draws here.

Can I attend a draw?

We run Pretty Little Prizes from our home (most of the time with small kids running around). For now, a live Facebook draw will have to do :)

Can anyone enter the competition?

The competition is open to any resident in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales aged 18 years or over.

When does each competition close?

Each competition has a closing date and time shown. However, we may have the draw early live on Facebook if all tickets sell out early.

How do you choose a winner?

When you place an order on our website, you will automatically receive an e-Ticket via email; containing a unique number or numbers depending on how many tickets you purchase. We then use the Google Number generator during our Live Facebook draw to choose the winning number. You can view previous live draws here.

Why do I have to answer a question?

It's a legal requirement. Pretty Little Prizes is not a lottery or free prize draw. It is a prize competition, and the law states that to be in with a chance of winning, you must demonstrate your skill, knowledge or judgement, i.e. Answer a question :)

Why do you only sell up to 125 tickets per draw?

We want this to be lots of fun with lots of winners. Sarah's fun is putting the prizes together :)

If I win, does my name need to be made public?

Ideally, we would like all winners to partake in promotional photography when they receive their prize. The winner is perfectly within their rights to decline. If you have opted to 'remain private', only your ticket number and first name will be made public during our Live Draw. We will then contact you privately via email to arrange for you to receive your prize. The email address we contact you on will be the same email address used when you purchased your ticket and or set up an account. If you've already stated that you want to remain private, don't worry, we won't ask you again :)

Why are Prize Entry Lists not made public?

For discretion and privacy, our customers prefer that we keep the number of tickets they purchase private. Due to the personal and intimate nature of the majority of our prizes, many customers also opt to 'remain private' at the checkout stage.

What if all entries aren't sold in time?

To keep things fun and fair, our 'Fair Play Promise' ensures that only up to 125 tickets are sold for each draw. The chances of not selling out are quite slim. However, if enough tickets aren't sold, we will proceed by following our terms and conditions. We've never postponed a draw yet!

Can I exchange my prize?

No, to keep things fair and transparent, no prizes can be exchanged. The draw you enter is the prize you will receive when you win.

I have another question not answered here?

No worries, email us at hello@prettylittleprizes.co.uk, and we will happily do our best to answer any query you may have :)