Prize Entry Lists

You asked for privacy, you got it!

For discretion and privacy, our customers prefer that we keep the number of tickets they purchase private. Due to the personal and intimate nature of certain prizes, many who purchase a ticket, also opt to 'remain private' at the checkout stage.

Rest assured, each person who purchases a ticket (or tickets) for each prize will receive an e-Ticket via email confirming their individual ticket number(s) from 1-125.

For each draw to occur, our system produces a list of names, each with an allocated ticket number. We use the Google Number Generator during our Live Facebook Draw to choose the lucky number. 

If you have opted to 'remain private', only your ticket number and first name will be made public during our Live Draw. We will then contact you privately via email to arrange for you to receive your prize. The email address we contact you on will be the same email address that you used when you purchased your ticket and/or set up an account ;)

Got a question? Feel free to send us an email :)